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How to reach your website visitors on Facebook using the Custom Audiences from your website tool?

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How to reach your website visitors on Facebook using the Custom Audiences from your website tool?

Now you have the power to reach people on Facebook after they visited your website.

Reach your website visitors on FacebookCustom Audiences from your website is a powerful Facebook tool which allows you to track your website visitors and show targeted ads in Facebook to people who already visited your website and expressed interest in your company or product. This is similar to the Google Adwords remarketing tool that is used to remarket using Google search to people that have visited your site.

This can be implemented in your Online Marketing Campaigns in a variety of ways. You can reach potential clients who have already shown interest in your brand, you can bring back customers to complete a purchase on your website. The tool allows you also to target people on Facebook who are similar to your existing clients or even exclude your existing clients from your new customer acquisition campaigns and many more.

Now let`s see how this can be implemented.
There are 4 simple steps to do this.

Step 1: Build your audiences list
Step 2: Place code
Step 3: Create Audience
Step 4: Create Ad

1. Build your audiences list
Build your audience list
To start building your audiences list you have to go to Ads Manager, then click the Audiences tap on the left-hand side of the navigation bar. Select the Create a Custom Audience button, and from the variety of options there choose Custom Audience from your Website.

Custom audiences from your website tool

2. Place code
A piece of code will be shown which you have to be pasted between the <head> and the </head> tags on every page of your website.  Doing this you will install the software which will track your visitors called Facebook Pixel. If you have difficulties or feel unsure about doing this you can send the code to your web developer and ask him to put it. It`s also a good idea to download and install the Facebook Pixel Helper which will verify the Facebook Pixel was installed successfully on your website.

Create Audience Tool3. Create Audience
Once the pixel have been generated you can click on the Create Audience button and set up your audience. You will have to name your audience and choose which visitors to include: all of your website visitors or those who visited only certain pages.

For example you can choose only people who visited the landing page of your promotional product or people who visited pages with the word “gloves” in the URL.

You have also the option to choose how long you`d like to capture your Custom Audience pixel for. By default it looks back 30 days, but it can be adjusted to look back up to 180 days. After you complete this your Custom Audience from your website will be available in the Audiences tab.

Notice that once created it will be empty but the audience size will increase as more people visit your website.

4. Create Ad
In this final step you will have to choose the audience(s) you wish to target and click on the Create Ad button next to it to start creating you add.

This powerful Facebook tool can be successfully combined with your other Online Marketing Activities. It can be used to show targeted ads on Facebook to your eNewsletter subscribers. You can also reach people who already tried your trial product to offer them your core product. Or … reach people who already tried your core product to offer them vertical products. Potential clients who visited your website but did not complete their order can be reminded to revisit the site to complete the purchase and even offered discounts if doing this.

There are tremendous ways of benefiting from the Facebook opportunity. Let your creativity and imagination flow!

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