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Social Media Best Graphic Practices (2 of 4) – Google Plus Dimensions

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Social Media Best Graphic Practices (2 of 4) – Google Plus Dimensions

The Ideal Dimensions for Google +

Google+ has many things going for it as far as social media goes. While it does not have the user base of other social media sites it certainly has more features available for those of us who enjoy sharing photos.

Thankfully Google+ has made it quite easy to work out the best dimensions for your photos. Each image template is quite logical in comparison to other social media sites. However, there are a few things you need to know when adding images to your Google+ profile to ensure that your photos are shown off to their best advantage.

Let’s begin with your Google+ Cover photo, this is the large photo that is at the top of your profile. The aspect ratio of this photo is the same an HD video standard which is the ratio of 16:9 Your image is displayed at its largest at 1080 x 608 but Google+ uses a responsive layout that will adjust your pictures in accordance to the screen size you are viewing from, therefore the actual image size that will display varies greatly. The smallest image size you can upload and use is 480 x 270 which has an aspect ratio of 16:9. As stated above the ideal image is 1080 x 608 which has an aspect ratio of 135:76 which is quite close to the 16:9. The largest image size you are able to use is 2120 x 1192. If you reduce your browser window width your cover photo will scale accordingly. If your browser window is very narrow (such as if you are using your smartphone) then the layout automatically switches to a mobile friendly layout.

Image at 1080 x 680 which is the ideal size.

Image 1

Google Plus Cover Photo Dimentsion

 Smaller image of 480 x 270





Like all social media sites, Google+ uses JPEG compression on your cover photo which will reduce your image quality affecting the vibrancy of the colours and can also blur any text in your cover photo. The simple solution is to upload a PNG-24 image rather than a JPEG, while some optimization will be applied there is not the amount applied to a JPEG. One thing to be aware of in using a PNG-24 image is that the file is much larger so your browser may be slightly slower when you try to open the page.

Google Plus JPG CompressionThis is an example of JPEG compression.




Your Google+ profile picture is displayed in a circle. On your own profile page this is shown to have a 120px diameter like the image below.

Google Plus Profile Photo DimentionsThere is nothing to stop you from using any legal image for this space it is advised by Google that you should only use a recognizable head shot and some people have said that if you do use your own clear headshot that Google will show your profile picture in search results where others who use another random image have found their photos do not show up on searches. When this profile picture is displayed on Google searches is shows up as a small square of 44 x 44.

It is advisable to keep an eye on the best image sizes on a regular basis as Google have been known to update these at random and you always want your pictures to look their best.

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