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Social Media Best Graphic Practices (Part 3 of 4) Understanding LinkedIn Image Requirements

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Social Media Best Graphic Practices (Part 3 of 4) Understanding LinkedIn Image Requirements

LinkedIn Image RequirementsLinkedIn is now one of the leading social platforms for business to business marketing. It is the go-to location for individuals to find out more information about a company or brand. The platform recently went through an update, with profiles receiving a fresh new look. It is important to your performance on LinkedIn that your images are up to standard size in order for them to seen properly. We are going to go over the basic requirements for images on both a personal LinkedIn page and a business account on LinkedIn.

Personal Profiles

LinkedIn Personal Profile Photo Dimensions1. Profile Picture:
The profile picture is now much larger on the new LinkedIn platform. It is important that your image be sized correctly, as well as centered so that the picture is easy to be seen. The actual dimensions should be 200 x 200 and between 500 x 500, with it being now larger than 4MB in size. After you have uploaded a profile picture, crop the image so that it only shows your face.


2. Cover Photo:
Previously, the cover photo option was for premium users only. However, LinkedIn lowered the bar on July 17th, when they eliminated restrictions placed on basic users. Now, everyone can enjoy the cover photo option without having to be a premium user. However, the dimensions are different for a personal cover photo and a business cover photo, so if you are a company then continue reading towards the bottom for dimensions.

The recommended photo size is 1400 x 425, with a maximum file size of 4MB. The profile picture will be nestled at the lower left corner of the cover photo, so keep this in mind when uploading a cover photo that has important information in this corner of the picture.

LinkedIn Personal Cover Photo Dimensions


Business Accounts

For a company page, LinkedIn has somewhat different image requirements. There are also extra image options, such as horizontal and square logos, banner images, and other marketing images.

1. Horizontal Logo:
This is the standard logo for your company, and is visible at the top of your page. It will be located to the left of your company’s name, and is the first image that visitors will see when landing on your page. The logo will measure 100 x 60 pixels, and the image will be resized to fit these dimensions if it is larger in size.

2. Square Logo: LinkedIn Business Account Photo Dimensions
The square logo is listed on all of your network updates, and is also resized to fit the size requirements, at 50 x 50 pixels. See on the right for an example of how the horizontal logo and square logo are placed above the cover photo.

 3. Banner Image:
Also referred to as the “cover photo”, measures at 646 x 220 pixels in size and is located underneath the horizontal and square logos.

Other images that will be present throughout your page showcasing your company logo include:

4. Shared Link:
You are allowed up to 240 characters of text when you are updating your company’s status. A small icon will be listed with your status, and measures at 180 x 110 pixels.

5. Company Comment Logo:
This appears when you are liking or commenting on updates present on your company page. It is displayed at 30 x 30 pixels in size.

6. Careers Listing:
This is a section specialized for company pages that allows you to post current job openings available within your company. A cover photo can be uploaded to present the listing that measured 974 x 238 pixels. It is important to note that in order to post jobs available for your company you have to be a paid LinkedIn subscriber.

7. Products & Services:
Displays what products or services that your company is offering to your customers. The image measures 646 x 220 pixels.

8. Products:
There is also a separate image option for individual products listed in the ‘Products’ section. The thumbnail image is displayed at 100 x 80 pixels. There is also room for up to 100 characters of text to explain the title of your product, and 1,000 more characters to describe the product in detail.

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