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Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  1. Most Inexpensive Lead Generation
  2. Increase Online Sales
  3. Harness the Power of Graphics and Video
  4. Increased Product and Company Feedback
  5. Increase Brand Awareness
  6. Grow reach of Brand Message
  7. Networking
  8. Promote New Products
  9. Inexpensive to Implement
  10. Social Networks can serve a business` many diverse needs

1. Most Inexpensive Lead Generation
Due to viral reach and TARGETED demographics in social media marketing the cost per lead is typically under $1 per lead versus the next best marketing channel which is Google Adwords which averages $10 per lead of similar quality.

2. Increases online sales
Online sales versus store sales create greater return per product sold due to the cost of goods sold per item in store carries higher overhead costs then items sold online if the shipping cost is passed along and only slightly better if shipping is not passed along to the customer.

Multimedia Technology3. Power of Graphics and Video
Social Media networks typically utilize and offer the power of graphics and video as well as text to spread brand message.  The old adage is that a picture is worth a 1000 words and a video is worth a million.


4. Increased Product and Company Feedback
It brings you closer to the people who buy your products, services and line of business the most and gives you information about experience and feedback of your target market.

5.  Increase Brand Awareness
Increased communication for organizations fosters brand awareness and often improved customer service.

Increase Brand Awareness6.  Grow Reach of Brand Message
Due to the viral reach of good customer experiences and strong brand loyalty to businesses that maintain strong social networks with consistent support then the brand message grows itself organically through word of mouth.

7.  Networking
Social networks allow consumers and business professionals to network among strangers, acquaintances, friends, and professionals all in one place.

Promote New Products8.  Promote New Products
Social networks also allow businesses to update consumers on new improvement in product lines.

9.  Inexpensive to Implement
Additionally, social media serves as a relatively inexpensive platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns.  Most social networks are either free or inexpensive to use.

10.  Social Networks can serve a business’ many diverse needs–Social networks are varied in purpose so much so that the amount of social networks can be mind numbing, but the most popular platforms determined by marketing research about consumer online behavior are currently Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

3 Bonus Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1.  A+ Analytics
Excellent Analytics to track the response of brand messaging and targeted demographic marketing results

2.  SEO Benefits
Search Engine Optimization results improve when Social Media content is shared across social media channels especially if you include Google Plus.  This translates to increased website traffic.  Since you own your website it is important to bring traffic overall back to the website.

3.  Competitive Advantage
If you are involved in Social Media marketing and your competitors are not then you have cheaper more effective advertising than your competitors which in the long run means a competitive advantage.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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