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Your Facebook Marketing Plan: 10 Keys to Explosive Engaging Posts

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Your Facebook Marketing Plan: 10 Keys to Explosive Engaging Posts


Your Facebook Marketing Plan:
10 Keys to Explosive Engaging Posts

This article presents ten key strategies that will turbo charge your annual Facebook marketing plan. Read on to discover how you can combine quality content with Facebook and other online tools to create a winning year long recipe for explosive engagement!

There’s really no need to be scratching around every Friday afternoon for something to post on your Facebook company page. With a long-term view and a little planning, you can have a never ending supply of relevant and engaging content as well as the tools to promote that content for fabulous results! To have a Facebook presence that engages your users and keeps them coming back for more, follow this ten step guide and you’ll never look back!

Before you start, remember the Facebook golden rules for how to design a post and apply to every post everywhere:

  • To ensure your visuals are top quality, always use the optimal 1200×1200 image size. The image will be resized to 403×403 in the timeline.
  • Limit file size to a maximum of 25MB.
  • Add text to your images however ensure the proportion of text in an image is under 20% – if it’s more, you can’t boost the post.
  • Always add a branded hashtag. One further hashtag is optional such as a humorous punchline.
  • Always link your post to a website landing page.

TIP: Facebook Cover Images now have a Call to Action Button that can be added to your Cover Image on your Facebook Business Page. (See below)

SPDT-Cover-Image-with-Call-2-Action-Create Button

Set up your website landing page with Google Analytics and Adwords as well as Facebook tracking pixels to track visitors and remarket to people who have visited your landing page.

  • Use the or URL shortener to brand the link and create link analytics.

1.  Develop an Editorial/Social Marketing Calendar

Start by marking your calendar now with all the holidays coming up in the year ahead. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July by example all provide an excellent reason to go out to users with greetings posts and other celebratory messages. Every month has at least one celebrated event or “high day”.

Between the high days and holidays marked in your calendar, weave in slots for regular monthly or even weekly theme posts, special announcements (offers, discounts, upcoming events, workshops and webinars). You’ll be surprised at the number of posts you’ll have planned – and we’ve only just begun!

Calendar made by post it with copy space

TIP: To build followers, use the Events tab in Facebook to promote local events in a post with a quality image. Then promote the event with Facebook tools (Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences). For local and regular events use the Meetup website to connect with customers and keep them coming back. See Below example of Social Media Visionaries’ Monthly training Workshop Meetup


2.  Post your blog articles

It’s a given that you’re adding content to your blog consistently – daily, weekly or monthly whatever you can manage. It’s also taken as read that your blog features an email call to action landing page? Take things a step further by posting an SEO-friendly blog link to your Facebook page with a Facebook dimension optimized “Featured Photo”.

3.  Post company photos and other images

Use Instagram to share the images and introduce your Facebook followers to company personalities, show examples of work in progress, and demonstrate before and after shots. Share milestones and anniversaries too!

4.  Add Video Posts

If your video is under 25MB, upload it directly to Facebook. Upload it to your YouTube channel as well for maximum impact and make sure your YouTube Channel is connected to Google Plus company page.

TIP: Add a branded title screen to the start of all your videos and always close with a call to action at the end of the video. (Below is an example video title screen branded by BuzzFeed and posted to their Facebook page


5.  Showcase your marketing collateral 

Show off your How to Manuals, booklets, eMagazines, and product catalogues by cutting and pasting their URLs into a Facebook post. Document finished projects as Power Point Presentations – create a portfolio!

TIP: For a professional onscreen look, upload Power Point presentations to or (See below Social Media and Social Media Marketing ebook by Complete Developer LLC at



6.  Feature your best selling products and services

Advertise your best selling most popular offerings on Facebook using their dedicated website landing page URLs. Make sure landing pages are information rich. At a minimum each one should contain:

  • A features and benefits description
  • A testimonial with a photo with a happy user
  • A product image and video
  • Customer feedback
  • Details of pricing and discounts with free trial offer
  • A call to action to try, buy and/or subscribe

7.  Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts

Directly connecting your Facebook account to your Twitter account ensures an automatic post from Facebook to your Twitter feed.

TIP: Do not connect Twitter posts to Facebook – they look horrible! Due to the 140 character limitation twitter posts typical have abbreviated words that is acceptable on Twitter but not on Facebook. As per the golden rule, use a branded hashtag in your Facebook post. See below how to connect your Twitter accounts to your Facebook Pages at


8.  Update your Cover Image in line with your Social Marketing Calendar

Create interest and involvement by varying your cover image to reflect current events, holidays and activities. Your cover page represents a further opportunity to draw attention to sales and is the perfect place for a timely call to action!

9.  Provide fun!

Contests, quizzes, surveys, trivia and inspirational quotes are the real business of Facebook. Make sure your page provides more than enough of this light and attractive fare!

TIP: Use SurveyMonkey ( Even though the Facebook app was made inactive last August you can use the SurveyMonkey Web Link Collector to create fun surveys (



Joining, liking and following industry relevant pages that offer great content will allow you to boost your visitor numbers as you save precious time. Remember to add a comment as you share the most relevant and interesting posts!

For inspiration explore, follow and join relevant Facebook Pages and Groups, Linked In and LinkedIn Company Pages and Groups, and saved searches as well as Google Alerts and RSS Feeds.

No reason to delay. Get your plan for the year put together now. Develop the annual plan and constantly bring your audience back to your website and your subscription product. Use eye catching images and videos and maintain your audience’s attention with quality content. Be consistent and relevant and you will create explosive engaging posts that create results.


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